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Your Dream Job
is a Résumé Away

Jumpstart your career with a
90 minute LIVE resume writing workshop! 

11th September | 6 pm IST

Rs. 500

Course Description

Did you know that 40% of hiring managers spend

less than 1 minute scanning your résumé? 

In this course you will learn how to build an outstanding résumé as a power tool to impress your dream job employer in 60 seconds! 

Since building a résumé is the first step and most important step one can take towards their career journey, we’ve put together an exciting 90 minute LIVE course that will focus on teaching you how to build a concise and tailor-made résumé that you can use to uplevel your career in every stage of your life. 

Through this course you will learn: -

  • The different elements of a résumé 

  • Résumé customization techniques

  • How to use power language

  • Simple ways to build a unique résumé

  • What a video résumé entails

  • How to present your best self on paper!

Meet Your
Komal Shah

With a Master's in Counseling and 8 years of incredible experience, Komal specializes in supporting working professionals, college students, and international populations. Her background includes working as a career counselor at top universities like Boston University and the University of New Hampshire as well as with schools in India.


made easy!

90 minute LIVE session

Do away with week long pre-recorded sessions, and access a hands on live workshop!


Complimentary Handbook 

Receive a résumé writing guide with tips and power words for FREE (otherwise priced at Rs. 600)

Q&A Session with
the Instructor

 Clear your doubts during or after the course so that you are confident of building a winning résumé!

Network with like-minded individuals

Be a part of an exclusive Facebook group with other course takers and network to identify interests and find job leads.

Beginner Friendly 

We will start from scratch and go over the fundamentals of résumé writing


 Discounted Access to a 1:1 Consultation Session

Receive an exclusive discount code to get your résumé reviewed by a professional Weloquent writer 

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Stand out with a
Unique Résumé

Is this course for me? 

Yes it is! If you are - 

  • A student in high school, college (or the school of life!)

  • A freelancer (across fields) 

  • Looking to land your first internship/ job

  • Wanting to up level and switch your job 

  • Applying for a promotion request

What do I require to take this course?

  • A stable internet connection 

  • Phone/ Laptop/ Tablet 

  • A notebook - to take notes during the session. 

  • A bottle of water to stay hydrated. 

  • A head full of (wild) dreams.

More F.A.Q.s
We're often asked -

illustration 5.png

Do I require prior knowledge before enrolling in this course?

This is a beginner friendly course, you do not require prior knowledge to attend or make the most of it.

Are there any student discounts?

Yes! First 10 students to enroll will receive a 30% discount using the code "DREAMJOB"

Will I be able to interact with the instructor and ask questions?

Yes!! We've allocated 30 mins towards a Q&A session to clear all your doubts. Feel free to ask the instructor any questions you may have with regard to resume writing!

What are the qualifications of the trainer?

Komal Shah is a career counselor at Boston University, Massachusetts. With 10 years of experience within this field she has helped hundreds of students with their résumés and job applications.

Can I access a 1:1 resume writing session with a Weloquent writer?

To book a one on one session with a Weloquent Writer to get your resume reviewed, please write to us at - Students of the résumé writing workshop will also receive a 15% discount coupon to book a 1:1 review session. 

Can I attend the session through my phone? 

The course will be taught LIVE on Zoom - so yes, you may attend it through your phone or any other device you are comfortable with as long as you have the app downloaded in it. 

I'm unable to make a payment, what should I do? 

Please contact us at with the subject line - Résumé Writing Workshop - and we will address the issue right away.

WhatsApp Image 2021-08-11 at 8.59.40 PM.jpeg

Roshni Sengupta

The guidance and tips were of great help to me and all my doubts regarding résumés for college applications were clarified.

WhatsApp Image 2021-08-11 at 6.51.08 PM.jpeg

Rashi Hora

One of the best courses I've taken so far! Weloquent's résumé writing course is a must whether you're a high school student or in college applying for internships or a job.

WhatsApp Image 2021-08-11 at 6.57.05 PM.jpeg

Harshita Chetia

The course was given by a professional who was well trained and had past experience in the field, which definitely makes it a must to attend!

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Build Your Power Tool for a Bright Future!

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